General Overview​

The use of laparoscopy in the medical procedure has progressively developed from the basic underlying cholecystectomy to the present general medical procedure including gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, thyroid, bosom, and stomach divider medical procedure. Laparoscopy is now in the era of specialization, standardization, and further minimally invasive. With the continuous development and innovation of surgical technology and surgical instruments, laparoscopic technology will further develop, and the demand for laparoscopic surgical instruments in the market will further increase.
When using an endoscopic linear cutter stapler, the moving body slides in the two support plates through the moving body so that the tissue can be adjusted to the optimal suture position between the end face of the reload and the staple-receiving seat so that the tissue is in a fixed position, and then it can be fired. The safety block plays a role in preventing accidental firing. Endoscopic linear cutter stapler and reload are composed of the rear connecting shaft (lock sleeve), knob, rotary head, fixed handle, reset handle, movable handle, firing handle, insurance button, etc.; the reload includes a staple box, a staple hold, cutting knife, staples and front connecting rod. Stapler and reload are used together. In the same operation, the stapler can be equipped with eight staples reloads and fired eight times. The reload is individually packaged.


Surgical staplers are used both externally and internally. Surgical staples for internal use are medical devices used to deliver compatible staples to internal tissues during surgery

Advantages of surgical staples include:

⦁ Quick placement
⦁ Minimal tissue reaction
⦁ Low risk of infection
⦁ Strong wound closure

How are surgical staplers used?

When used with implantable staples, surgical staplers may be used in gastrointestinal, gynecologic, thoracic, and many other surgeries.

Examples of these uses include:
⦁ Removing part of an organ (resection)
⦁ Cutting through organs and tissues (transection)
⦁ Creating connections between structures (anastomoses)


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